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already craving tomorrow’s pumpkin spice latte

you know when you watch so much of a show that you start to think the characters are your friends and you casually wonder what they’re up to at random moments of the day

breakups are the worst thing in the world and I’m really sad right now

14 hours later and I’m still reflecting on the Chipotle i had 

someone please cure me of my jetlag!

best feeling in the world is when you smoke, go downstairs for food, and see your parents just got back from the supermarket

kiss me hard before you go

so addicted to spin classes

straightened my hair in the first time in forever 

literally having my quarter life crisis like college is so fun how am i HALFWAY THROUGH IT and postgrad life looks like actual shit like i actually have to go to work ALL day and you can’t have random hookups and go to house parties and live on a campus? like shit what if I’m already peaking 

why are you so confusing. why do you put me on the back burner. why are we dating if you aren’t even going to show me any emotion. if you weren’t going to be here full time, you should’ve just stayed out of my life


  • game of thrones
  • the fault in our stars
  • beyonce 

day off - law & order SVU, grilled mac n cheese sandwich, and then a good workout at the gym☺️

don’t you wish there was a machine where you could view every possible genetic outcome from your mother and father? like see different version of yourself and how else you could’ve looked like? 

ok it’s time to get my shit together